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Transport Biomass

We sell and transport all types of Biomass to any part of Europe

Olive Trees

Starting olive trees
and all kinds of cleanings of fields with useless olive trees, ready for new plantations and pruning.

Ornamental Trees

Sale of Ornamental Olives, from the youngest to the most centenarians. Selected one to one

What do our customers say

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High performance

Biomass is a natural source, it does not pollute and its yield is quite high. It is important to know that olive bone is rich in polysaccharides, which are degraded to sugars and then in fermentation produce high amounts of ethanol.

Its price is lower compared to another type of fuel 

Nativity Energy

Conscious of the importance of heat in the home and the creation of that heat from natural resources such as firewood

Zero pollution

Many stoves and boilers use olive bone that get great results. It is the same case of biomass.
So that they can appreciate the advantages of olive bone as "fuel" that produces heat in our homes

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